To help our customers maintain their Sally’s Nuts to be as fresh as possible for as long as possible – here is what we suggest:

Roasted and candied pecans are prone to spoilage if not stored properly.  So here is the scoop on what we tested.

1.  At room temperature Sally’s Nuts will usually last 20-30 days in their air tight containers.

2.  In your refrigerator at 34 degrees, in their air-tight containers, they will stay fresh as long as 10 months.

3.  In your freezer at 0 degrees, in their air-tight containers, they can maintain freshness up to 18 months!

We also found this tip to be helpful – you can thaw and refreeze Sally’s Nuts so long as you temper them (thaw them in the fridge first).  Always keep your nuts in air-tight containers as a natural fact of pecans is they can absorb odors from other things in your fridge.

Nuts are yummy. Eat up!